What are People Eating in the U.S.?

Stat 41 Group 8 presents the app: 'What are People Eating in the U.S.?'. Our Shiny application demonstrates what types of food people from different demographics are eating. Change the year and type of demographic using the inputs in the sidebar and notice how the plot reacts. Then select the catagories you would like to compare using the checkbox input. For our second graph, use the slider to examine how the diet of the U.S population has changed over the years. Finally, type which food groups you would like to compare into the search bar. For more information on the data, see the full datasets - which are also interactive - under tabs 'Plot One Data' and 'Plot Two Data'. See the link below for our code. Enjoy!
App Code

Food Consumed by Demographics


Food Consumed Over Time

Options include: Dairy, Fruit, Vegetable, FlourCereal, MeatEggNut, AddedFats, and CaloricSweeteners. Be sure to capitalize and insert a single space between foods. Commas are not accepted.

Data Source: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)