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Data scraped from the College Scorecard database by the Department of Education.

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With thousands of colleges to choose from, navigating the college process can be extrodinarily difficult. Luckily, College Compass is here to help. We've compiled data from over 4,000 colleges from the Department of Education's Rscorecard to help match you with colleges that best fit your needs.

Limitations of our app

  • Missing values: Some schools fail to report all data. For example, almost 3,000 schools failed to report their SAT data. This dramatically decreases the number of 'matches.' For more a more complete documentation of SAT scores, see US News' College Rankings.
  • International Opportunities: While College Compass is geared towards students looking at colleges in the US, we recognize some students might be interested in schools overseas. Click here for information about the top universities in the world.

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