As both of us (Peiwen and Istvan) are moving to New York City next year and are uncertain about which area to live in, we decided to use this project as an opportunity to explore the differences in NYC neigbourhoods. We were able to obtain structured data from Airbnb, which we understand is priced differently from long-term rentals. Nevertheless, to inform our decisions, we used the data in relative terms by comparing prices of different types of listings across neighbourhoods.

Our data comprises of more than 17 million observations: the nightly rates and availability for all 48852 Airbnb listings across the five boroughs of NYC, for the next 365 days (starting from March 4th 2018). Before getting into the nitty-gritty, on this tab we present an overview of the NYC Airbnb market. You can see how the listings vary by borough and accommodation type, followed by a general picture of the interquartile range of prices, also listed by borough.

After familiarising yourself with the overall market, in the 'Availability Map' section you can use our interactive map to find out how many Airbnb listings are available in a given future time frame and in a given price range. Under 'Price Fluctuation Comparison', you will find a detailed, neighbourhood level comparison of how prices vary over the upcoming year, and how prices of individual neighbourhoods compare to the boroughs' average.

We hope that you will enjoy using this tool as much we did making it, and that it provides you with some useful insights into the housing market in New York City. Come visit us in the Big Apple!

We downloaded all our wonderful data from Inside Airbnb , 'an independent, non-commercial set of tools and data that allows you to explore how Airbnb is really being used in cities around the world'. Kudos to the team for making its work public and adding data to the debate on the sharing economy.

After downloading the data, we wrangled it slightly to fit our purpose, all of which can be reproduced with the following code . In addition, the complete code for this app can be found here .

Pick a price range and a future time frame (the next 30/ 60/ 90/ 365 days) that you are interested in. Then, hover over the map to see the number of days an average listing is available for in that time frame and the number of listings consulted.

Please note that the fill gradient is based on the number of days available - if a lot of the map's area seems blank, try decreasing the price range!
With this widget you can explore how, in a chosen neighbourhood(s), the nightly prices of listings vary over the next year. The data was pulled on 4 March 2018, so it is accurate as of then.

Only neighbourhoods with at least 1 listing are included, organized by borough, and within each borough arranged alphabetically. After selecting a neighbourhood(s), the app will draw a graph that compares the chosen neighbourhood to the borough where it is located. It is possible to select neighbourhoods from multiple boroughs, but be wary, the graph gets 'messy' quickly!